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  • How to work freelance

    1 in 4 Workers are now Freelancers

    It seems that there is a national day for everything these days and this week we have National Freelancer’s Day. Freelancing is becoming a more and more common career route, currently about 4.2 million people in the UK freelance; 14% of the workforce. In part...

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  • Registering for VAT with HMRC

    Why your business should not wait to register for VAT

    Registering for VAT means that you become an unpaid tax collector on behalf of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Once registered you have to give 20% of the price of any VATable goods or services you sell direct to the government. If you don’t...

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  • HMRC target ebay sellers

    Selling on eBay? You may need an accountant.

    Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have recently launched a new e-marketplaces campaign targeting people trading on sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. While many online marketplaces including eBay and Amazon will sort out most of the VAT due on sales, HMRC are concerned...

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  • VAT Rise Causing Hike in Inflation?

    VAT Rise Causing Hike in Inflation?

    According to the BBC (Inflation expected to exceed 3%), the return to 17.5% VAT has had an effect on inflation. Inflation has apparently risen over recent months and analysts think that it might well increase further to 3.5%. It’s not all bad news though as...

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  • HM Revenue & Customs

    HM Revenue & Customs

    HM Revenue & Customs, also known as the inland revenue, is one of the main bodies that any new company will be interacting with on a regular basis. The obvious one will be submitting the yearly accounts. Depending on your company and its legal structure,...

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  • Customer Testimonial

    I have just started up my own company ... I have had many queries, you answered all my questions, whilst being really helpful and professional.


    We are happy with all business we have conducted with you and are quite happy to recommend you on what you have done and assistance you given us up to date.


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