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    Starting a Business: online only

    I got married a few months ago and I took on my husband’s surname. When I tried to change my name on my driving licence I was told I could not supply the information electronically but had to complete a paper form. This may well...

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    VAT Increase From 4th Jan 2011 – How Will It Affect You?

    With the election of the coalition Government and the budget that followed, a standard rate VAT increase was announced. From the 4th of January 2011 Value Added Tax will rise from 17.5% to 20% across the UK. There are no changes to zero-rates or reduced-rated...

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    Beware – HMRC E-mail Scams

    HM Revenue & Customs have recently released an alert about a rise in the number of scams being conducted under their name. As you can see from the example pictured here, the scams are worryingly convincing. Some of them are presented in such a way...

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  • 40% of calls to HMRC Remain Unanswered

    40% of calls to HMRC Remain Unanswered

    Recent research by the BBC shows that as many as 40% of calls placed to HMRC remain unanswered. People trying to contact Revenue and Customs for help and support are being left out in the cold. This is especially surprising and no doubt frustrating, considering...

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  • HMRC – Penalties For Failing To Notify

    HMRC – Penalties For Failing To Notify

    In further steps to clamp down on tax avoidance, HM Revenue & Customs are planning to implement a penalties system for those who have failed to correctly notify them with regards to Tax or VAT. This will not only apply to those who are intentionally...

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  • Compulsory Online VAT Registration?

    Compulsory Online VAT Registration?

    Following Lord Carter of Coles recommendation HM Revenue & Customs have agreed that all submissions related to Tax and VAT will be made online in the future. Statistics show a steady increase over the last few years in the number of VAT filings (table taken...

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  • VAT registration problems and issues

    VAT Registration Problems and Issues

    There are quite often a number of problems that occur both before and after VAT registration which present issues for both the business concerned and the tax man. Firstly, a large number of VAT registration applications are rejected by HM Revenue & Customs due to...

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  • VAT registration

    VAT Registration

    If you are selling goods or services in the UK you will be expected to charge your customers Value Added Tax (VAT). This then has to be paid to the government via HM Revenue & Customs. In order to do this you must register with...

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    I have just started up my own company ... I have had many queries, you answered all my questions, whilst being really helpful and professional.


    We are happy with all business we have conducted with you and are quite happy to recommend you on what you have done and assistance you given us up to date.


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