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  • Regional Growth Fund for SMEs

    What is the Regional Growth Fund?

    The Regional Growth Fund (RGF) is designed to provide money to SMEs who cannot access funding from other sources. The money comes from central government but is partly distributed by around 100 regional and national partners. These vary from big banks to local councils and...

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  • Regional distribution of start-up loans

    Start-up Loans Scheme Expanded

    The UK Government’s start-up loans scheme has been extended only three months after its launch but questions have been raised about how successfully it is being run. The idea behind the original scheme was to combat high youth unemployment by offering young people, between the...

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  • Startup and SME Funding

    Start-up Businesses Using a Smorgasbord of Funding

    Back in August we had a look at the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research which tracks entrepreneurship across Europe. One of the findings from the GEM research was that there was a mismatch between where people planning a new business thought they would get their...

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  • CDFI Business Funding

    What the Hell is a CDFI?

    In a speech today the Business Secretary Vince Cable praised the work of CDFIs and the CDFI referral scheme currently being run by the British Bankers Association. He did, reportedly, qualify his praise somewhat by stating that “nobody knows what the hell you do”. CDFI...

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  • How to plan a crowdfunding campaign

    Guest Post: How to Plan a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

    Michelle Rodger, Chief Communications Officer at Bloom VC, explains how to plan a successful crowdfunding campaign. What do Barack Obama, an entrepreneur from LA and a widow from Edinburgh have in common? They have all successfully crowdfunded the money they needed to meet their goals....

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  • SME bank funding

    Local Banking for the Small Business Market

    This week the government hinted that they are moving towards a government backed ‘business bank’. This is something which has been called for by a number of organisations including the Labour Party, British Chambers of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses. Some of these groups...

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  • Funding for small businesses

    Government “Small Business Bank” Being Discussed

    It is widely recognised that small businesses are struggling to get funding from the mainstream banks. The scale of this problem is such that it is said to be holding back the whole UK economy. As a result The Labour Party, The British Chambers of...

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  • Funding a new business in the UK

    The Expectation and the Reality of Funding a UK Start-up

    In a recent study published by GEM lack of funding was cited as the major stumbling block by 50.6% of people who were thinking about starting their own business. The unwillingness of banks to lend to new and small businesses has been well documented in...

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  • UK Crowdfunding Websites

    Support Your Local Crowdfunder

    The big boys of the crowdfunding scene, Kickstarter, sent out a tweet last week announcing they will launch in the UK in the autumn. Kickstarter’s have not revealed their motives for launching in the UK. When we attempted to ask them their reply was that...

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  • Government Startup Support

    UK Government Expands Support for Start-ups

    Start-ups are a very hot topic at the moment. The government, along with business and various campaigning groups are very keen on encouraging people to start new businesses. This is seen as a way to stimulate growth out of the current recession and create jobs....

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  • Customer Testimonial

    I have just started up my own company ... I have had many queries, you answered all my questions, whilst being really helpful and professional.


    We are happy with all business we have conducted with you and are quite happy to recommend you on what you have done and assistance you given us up to date.


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