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  • Start-up business coaching

    Business Coaching for Start-ups: Part 1

    In the current economic climate it can be hard for new businesses to establish themselves. Of new businesses which manage to get to the stage of registering as companies around 20-30% do not survive their first three years in business. In order to help new...

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  • thin_ice

    Risky Ideas For a New Business

    There are certain things you shouldn’t do when you’ve started a new business or registered a limited company. Starting your own business is inherently risky, but careful planning and sensible business practice will keep you out of danger. The advantages of a limited liability company...

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  • business-plans#

    Business Start-Up Myths – “I don’t need a business plan”

    There are several myths floating around the internet and around the business world surrounding starting a new business and the importance (or not) of the business plan. Whoever you speak to will give you different information. Some say a business plan is the difference between...

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  • Growing-Business

    7 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Own Business

    Before starting your own business or carrying out a company formation it’s important to ask yourself a number of questions. Not least of which is why are you going into business? If you can coherently answer these questions then you are more likely to have...

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  • Customer Testimonial

    I have just started up my own company ... I have had many queries, you answered all my questions, whilst being really helpful and professional.


    We are happy with all business we have conducted with you and are quite happy to recommend you on what you have done and assistance you given us up to date.


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