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  • Factoring

    Using Factoring To Raise Money For Your Business (Guest Post)

    It can often be difficult for new or start-up businesses to raise finances. Lenders are wary of providing financial support to companies that don’t have a proven track record, whose business models depend on just a few large accounts, or who require investment in order...

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  • company-formation-things-to-consider

    10 Things to Consider Before Company Formation

    Starting your own limited company is both exciting and daunting. You need to consider many things before you even think about company formation. Below is a list of 10 things you ought to consider. 1. Money, Money, Money! As we discussed before it’s a common...

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  • Business Finance Taskforce

    Growing Financial Support For Small Business? – The Business Finance Taskforce

    The Government are keen to claw the economy out of the current recession. As a result, more and more measures and schemes are being developed to help new businesses and SMEs to survive and grow. After the Government bailed out the major banks when they...

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  • Company Formation Costs

    Business Finance – Developing Your Management

    You’ve started a new business or you’re growing your limited company and you need financial support to spread your wings. But where do you turn? Many people aren’t aware of the number of different paths to finance and support available to their business. For example,...

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  • thin_ice

    Risky Ideas For a New Business

    There are certain things you shouldn’t do when you’ve started a new business or registered a limited company. Starting your own business is inherently risky, but careful planning and sensible business practice will keep you out of danger. The advantages of a limited liability company...

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  • minimum-wage-rise

    Minimum Wage Rates Increase For UK Businesses

    Back in July this year, the Government announced that the National Minimum Wage Rates (Were) Set To Rise 2%. Now we’ve reached the set deadline and the proposed changes are taking place. The national minimum wage has risen to: £5.93 an hour for people aged...

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  • Banks-lending-to-SME

    Banks Still Not Lending To Small Business

    With the current state of the economy, we’re all tightening our belts and trying to get through. This attitude apparently includes the big banks who really should be making every effort to support small business and new start-ups after the tax-payers were forced to bail...

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  • business-start-up-finance

    Business Start-Up Myth – It’s hard to get a bank loan

    Another business myth that often rears his head is to do with business start-up finance. People say it’s hard to get a bank loan to start a business. This myth is reinforced by recent research carried out by the IoD which suggests that 60% of...

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  • Piggy Bank

    Late Paying Businesses and The Solution – Factoring

    Research carried out by the Forum of Private Business has shown that small firms are currently feeling the pressure as more and more other businesses are late with their payments. Larger companies in particular are guilty of making struggling SMEs wait for payment of their...

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  • TimeAndMoney2

    60% of Directors Rejected By Banks When Seeking Finance

    A recent research study carried out by the Institute of Directors (IoD) has shown that around 60% of company directors have been turned down when seeking finance for their business. Business banks have been turning Directors away and forcing them to find other means to...

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