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Top 5 New Domain Names

The new global TLDs have been out for a few months now and we are starting to get a sense of which ones are proving popular. Last year ICANN, who are the international body responsible for domain names, started approving a whole new range of Top Level Domains (TLDs). This meant that in addition to […]

Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

You may have considered how the content on your website should be optimised according to what your target audience searches for, but have you given much thought to the devices that your customers are accessing search engines from? If not, then you should be. Last year saw the number of mobile internet users surpass the […]

5 Reasons Why Startups Should Have a Blog on Their Website

There is no doubt that blogging has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to communicate their opinions and expertise on the web in recent years. A quick and cost effective way of pushing out fresh, relevant content that your customers want to read, it’s a great way for startups to engage with […]

5 easy ways to make your small business look bigger

Many new businesses start from the kitchen table or the coffee shop. However you may not want everyone to know this when you are trying to get key suppliers on board or go after your first big contract. There are lots of ways that you can project a ‘big business’ image for your new venture.  […]