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  • A woman doing a Google search on her smartphone

    Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

    You may have considered how the content on your website should be optimised according to what your target audience searches for, but have you given much thought to the devices that your customers are accessing search engines from? If not, then you should be. Last...

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  • A computer screen showing the dashboard for a WordPress account

    5 Reasons Why Startups Should Have a Blog on Their Website

    There is no doubt that blogging has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to communicate their opinions and expertise on the web in recent years. A quick and cost effective way of pushing out fresh, relevant content that your customers want to...

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  • Secure Website with SSL Certificate

    Does my business website need an SSL Certificate?

    When a website is using an SSL certificate your web browser will display a padlock in the address bar and it may go green. (The start of the web address will also normally change from HTTP to HTTPS with the S standing for secure). This...

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  • SEO Impact of New Top Level Domains

    Stick or Twist? New Top Level Domains and Their SEO Impact

    Top level domains (TLDs), that little grouping of letters that occur after the final dot in every URL, have been mainly confined to .com or for so long that the explosion of new TLDs available to register in the last year or so has...

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  • What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

    What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its full name, is the process that all online businesses need to implement in order to ensure that their websites rank as high as possible on the organic search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google and other...

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  • Starting a business from home

    5 easy ways to make your small business look bigger

    Many new businesses start from the kitchen table or the coffee shop. However you may not want everyone to know this when you are trying to get key suppliers on board or go after your first big contract. There are lots of ways that you...

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  • New Domain TLDs being launched

    New TLDs are coming: How to protect your online brand

    Most people are familiar with the standard Top Level Domain (TLDs) in use today: .com, & .org. There have always been a range of other TLDs available. Most countries have their own  (France is .fr, Germany is .de) and there are also a range...

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  • web design and development

    All in One Website Solutions for Start-ups

    Often the first time we speak to customers is when they are in the very early stages of launching a company. It is common for money to be tight and for there to be a steep learning curve as people get to grips with the...

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  • UK internet usage and business

    How the internet is changing customer behaviour

    Often when people talk about start-up businesses what they really mean are new technology companies. Or, more specifically, a venture capitalist funding website or app based out of Tech City or Silicon Valley. While these kind of new businesses attract a lot of media attention...

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  • The TLD is the last bit if a domain name

    Domain Name and Whois Rules for UK Businesses

    Most successful start-ups think about the role the internet will play in their business before they get going. Just like naming your company, the domain name you choose will become a vital part of your company’s identity. Your domain name is what your customers type...

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    I have just started up my own company ... I have had many queries, you answered all my questions, whilst being really helpful and professional.


    We are happy with all business we have conducted with you and are quite happy to recommend you on what you have done and assistance you given us up to date.


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