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New Changes to UK Limited Companies Procedures

The next phase of The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act comes into force on 10th October 2015. The act is intended to reduce the red tape around running a business in the UK while also increasing transparency. There are three main changes coming into force in October, none of them are hugely dramatic. Rather they […]

5 Startup Scams to Be Wary Of

Startups are as vulnerable to fraudulent activity as the most established businesses, in fact they’re arguably more so. The process required to get companies registered with Companies House and properly set up to begin trading makes them a prime target for scammers who are using increasingly sophisticated methods of deception. Many scams involve criminals pretending […]

Why Start-ups Need to Know About Encryption

It has been widely reported over the last couple of weeks that the American and British security services have spent huge amounts of time and money trying to break the encryption of popular internet services such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. As well as using their encryption breaking skills to spy on terror suspects and […]

5 Proposed Changes to UK Limited Company Rules

At the G8 conference in June the UK government announced plans to change some of the rules around limited companies. Their aim is to make them more transparent so that it is clearer who owns companies. In part this move towards greater transparency is a more towards more efficient taxation of company owners. It will […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Appointing a Company Secretary

Traditionally, all limited companies had to have a company secretary. As of 6th April 2008, private limited companies do not have to have a company secretary, however many still choose to appoint one. (Public companies still have to have a company secretary.) A company secretary doesn’t fill a clerical role, and they aren’t a secretary […]

Intellectual Property: Protecting your Website Content

Google regularly update their search algorithms and ranking strategies to try and weed out spam and identify high quality sites. Starting in early 2011 with their Panda update and rolling through 2012 with Penguin one of Google’s big targets has been duplicate content. There has been a problem for a while with spammers ‘scraping’ content […]

Who Controls Your Customer Data in the Cloud?

A new report from the European Union claims that the widespread adoption cloud computing could add €160 billion to the EU GDP by 2020. The report also claims that the correct application of cloud computing could generate 3.8 million jobs over the same period. We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing for […]

Two Big Changes for Employers due in October

There are two major changes being introduced in October which will impact on businesses with employees. The rise in the minimum wage applies to all businesses. The latest rise in the minimum wage comes into effect on the 1st October 2012. The rates will be £6.19 per hour for workers aged 21 and over – […]