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  • Second income from hobby or small business

    HMRC Clamping Down on Hobby Businesses

    Research released by RBS in January claimed that 1 in 5 UK adults are ‘hidden entrepreneurs’. These are defined as people who are running small businesses in their spare time or who are using their spare time to plan a new business venture. 38% of...

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  • Turning a hobby into a business

    Are you a hidden entrepreneur?

    The latest report from the RBS Enterprise Tracker claims that 1 in 5 UK adults are ‘hidden entrepreneurs’. These are defined as people who spend their spare time on hobbies or activities which could, or do, earn them extra income. 38% of these people reported...

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  • Small Business Bank Lending

    Banks and Small Businesses Out of Sync on Lending?

    The latest figures from the Bank of England show that the availability of loans and finance to small business increased during 2013. However they also show that the demand for this finance from small businesses is flat or decreasing. Since the financial crash and credit...

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  • Chelmsford Networking Event 10th December

    Chelmsford Startups Seminar and Networking

    On 10th December The Company Warehouse will be hosting a seminar and networking event for new businesses in Chelmsford. As well as providing a “heads up” on 2 of the key challenges facing new businesses, every attendee will receive a 30 day complimentary trial of...

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  • UK internet usage and business

    How the internet is changing customer behaviour

    Often when people talk about start-up businesses what they really mean are new technology companies. Or, more specifically, a venture capitalist funding website or app based out of Tech City or Silicon Valley. While these kind of new businesses attract a lot of media attention...

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  • Alternative Business Lending

    The Changing Face of Start-up Funding

    Getting funding is one of the biggest challenges for start-ups and small businesses. Traditionally a bank loan would help new businesses get off the ground or fund their growth. However since the financial crisis hit in 2008 the banks have been increasingly reluctant to lend....

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  • The TLD is the last bit if a domain name

    Domain Name and Whois Rules for UK Businesses

    Most successful start-ups think about the role the internet will play in their business before they get going. Just like naming your company, the domain name you choose will become a vital part of your company’s identity. Your domain name is what your customers type...

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  • Your named representative

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Appointing a Company Secretary

    Traditionally, all limited companies had to have a company secretary. As of 6th April 2008, private limited companies do not have to have a company secretary, however many still choose to appoint one. (Public companies still have to have a company secretary.) A company secretary...

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  • A CIO is a new way to form a charity

    Charitable Incorporated Organisations: Another Option for New Charities

    A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is a new way to set up a charity. CIOs were first proposed as part of the Companies Act 2006 but, the final regulations were only passed at the end of last year and the first CIO registrations took place...

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  • Chelmsford's New Business Innovation Centre

    Chelmsford’s Future as a Start-up Centre

    Our company is based in Chelmsford in Essex. We deal with thousands of start-up companies a year from all over the UK and abroad but we always take a keen interest in what is going on in our local area. Chelmsford was made a city...

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  • Customer Testimonial

    I have just started up my own company ... I have had many queries, you answered all my questions, whilst being really helpful and professional.


    We are happy with all business we have conducted with you and are quite happy to recommend you on what you have done and assistance you given us up to date.


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