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  • Someone holding up a sign with the words 'Think Like An Entrepreneur' on it.

    5 Traits Common to Successful Entrepreneurship

    With the environment for startups in the UK seemingly having never looked so good, many a budding entrepreneur will be tempted to start a business from scratch. Whether you’re something of a veteran when it comes to getting businesses off the ground, been running a...

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  • A report capturing tabular and graphical financial data

    6 Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know

    We’ve all seen it on Dragon’s Den. The sight of budding entrepreneurs squirming in front of the panel as they try to recall the financial information about their fledgling businesses that will go a long way to determining whether they secure investment or not. But...

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  • A woman doing a Google search on her smartphone

    Why Your Startup Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

    You may have considered how the content on your website should be optimised according to what your target audience searches for, but have you given much thought to the devices that your customers are accessing search engines from? If not, then you should be. Last...

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  • Wooden blocks spelling out 'Budget 2015'

    Budget 2015: What does it mean for startups?

    With the general election less than 50 days away, George Osborne has unveiled his sixth Budget as chancellor. Against the backdrop of economic recovery and declarations about Britain’s status as a great place to start a business rife in recent months, there was much anticipation...

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  • Coins flowing from a tap on a piggy bank to indicate cash flow

    5 Tips to Help Small Businesses Keep Cash Flowing

    The issue of late payments and the effect that it has, particularly on startups and small business, is well documented and continues to be a topic of much discussion. Only last month the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) took the grievances of its members regarding...

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  • A computer screen showing the dashboard for a WordPress account

    5 Reasons Why Startups Should Have a Blog on Their Website

    There is no doubt that blogging has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to communicate their opinions and expertise on the web in recent years. A quick and cost effective way of pushing out fresh, relevant content that your customers want to...

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  • A laptop with stacks of tinned food on the screen.

    Dragon’s Den Reject Has the Last Laugh after Making Millions from Short Dated Food Business

    Regular viewers of Dragon’s Den will know that the vast majority of entrepreneurs sent packing by the celebrity investors are done so for good reason. They’re either proposing a ‘solution’ to a problem that doesn’t exist, placing a nonsensical valuation on their business or they...

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  • Paperwork and folders for applications and grants

    6 Tips for Maximising Your Chances of Securing Funding For Your Business

    All but a select few business startups will rely heavily on loans to get their enterprises off the ground. Those lucky enough to self-fund their new ventures are few and far between, so you will need to convince those willing to lend of the viability...

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  • Two businessmen shake hands in front of the Union Jack flag

    UK Business Feel-Good Factor Continues With IFB 2016 Announcement

    Hot on the heels of Lord Young’s documented assertion that Britain is entering a ‘Golden Age’ for small businesses comes the news that the International Festival for Business (IFB) in 2016 is to be held in Liverpool from 13 June to 1 July next year....

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  • Pages for social media accounts on a desktop

    How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

    For any new business, the desire to start trading and begin the process of establishing yourself in your chosen marketplace is absolute. Getting the message about your products or services out there is vital, and with so many digital channels available today there has never...

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